Friday, August 5, 2011

Stay busy

Ever hear the axiom—“If you want something done, give it to a busy person.”

A writer named Hayden Shaughnessy says in a jobless economy, maybe you need to stay jobless—in other words, not have a formal job.

You can be out of a job but not out of work—that’s the idea.

Shaughnessy says he works 70 hrs a week.

Up to 10 days a month he works free—or does not get paid for what he does, which includes testing new ideas, doing a favor for someone who will owe him one, writing on spec. This can also be charity work—where you are up, dressed, meeting people and feeling OK.

He also does low income work—I hope he doesn’t mean content farm crap, but he may.

He also does low income work that is not good—OK, that is content crap.

He does high value, good income work. This used to be just called work. Sigh.

Finally, he does paid speaking. All good.

In the new economy, he says, old roles are irrelevant, new labels have not been invented.

So try to do some things you enjoy. Why the heck not?


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