Monday, August 1, 2011

Stress of economy wearing us down

How’d you like the Great Debt Debate last weekend? The best part was calling the deal a Sugar-Coated Satan Sandwich, which I doubt is a healthy snack, but was funny.

Anyhow, Ken Alltucker, AZ Republic, July 31, 2011, says dwindling job security, the fact that hardly anyone over 50 can get another job if they lose one, the fact that people are pinned in place by upsidedown houses, savings and retirement funds draining, on and on, is causing four of five Americans to suffer stress-related problems. (Not to mention, our amusing leaders informing us Social Security may not come.)

Oh, yeah, and we also can’t afford the doctor, even with insurance.

A monthly survey of 1,000 people making over $50K indicated trouble sleeping, changes in weight, anxiety, and lower energy levels.

More than a quarter had delayed doctor visits. I know I have.

The article called our middle class life a “stick house” with a stick being pulled out.

The expectations of the middle class are changing—said one authority.

At very least. We expect jack and are getting jack-minus.

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