Monday, August 15, 2011

Tips for the young ones--and their bosses

Steve Ressler, Government Technology, Aug 2011, says it takes some smarts to worm into the business world.

First, be a team player—sit back and observe. Smile. Yes, every day.

Avoid dating in the office (yes, Auntie Star has noted this, see below).

Email the right way—use capital letters, put a phone number.

Stop by in person—the whole world is not a keyboard.

Don’t overdo it. That kid who used raise his or her hand every time. Don’t be that kid.

Dress like your boss—unless the boss is a slob.

Connect with others—bring in candy, play on the softball team.

If you have Millennials or whatever they are called as reports, mentor, don’t parent.

Provide the tools the employee needs.

Coach the team!

Try to provide a variety of tasks.

And above all—trust your young folk. These are not interns. You are paying. Show them you expect a lot.

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