Friday, August 26, 2011

The toad

Are you a plodder or an innovator? Maybe a plodding innovator? I am sort of in that group—I dog along, but do try to come up with new ideas.

Eric Holdeman wrote about this in Emergency Management Magazine.

First, innovation does not come naturally to many organizations. People like to control their world. Not knowing the final destination can scare people.

So they just say no to new ideas—nice, neat, over with.

Social media is an example—many organizations are afraid of it, where will it lead?

If you have a new idea, in smaller organizations, you can pursue it sometimes without telling everyone. If you ask permission, you may get slapped down.

Multiple levels of approval crush ideas. Usually there is one person, or one committee, which is like the toad in the road—stopping everything dead. The idea there is to bypass that toad—find someone higher on the other side and jump over there.

If you are not the person to push the idea, find a surrogate.

Never give up. And—I would add—don’t mush the toad. That would be disgusting and beside the point.

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