Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Will a reference check doom you?

CareerBuilder advises that yes, sometimes a company will be so interested in you they will check references. Then what?

What if you had a bad relationship with the supervisor? I have to check websites sometimes to see if they people who didn’t love me left.

It happens. The not liking—and the leaving.

If you are not that lucky and the person did not move on…

First, find out what your previous company does—sometimes they will only say, yes, this person worked here from this date to that date.

Maybe you can get a reference in writing—use it over and over. That way, the former boss does not get sick of talking about you or cannot see you rattle around out there.

Before you leave, though, talk to the supervisor, try to get some closure, as they say.

If that doesn’t work well, then try to find another manager to give as a reference.

If the whole previous organization is not promising, substitute another impressive person you know.

Maybe you can say, “My immediate supervisor at XYZ company traveled a lot and I worked more closely with…” Don’t over-explain or lie. Just put it out there—and live with it.

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