Thursday, August 11, 2011

You little nature lover

I am always in a dither about getting someone to trim my palms or weedeat my volunteer grass. Sometimes I HATE nature. And camping—don’t EVEN! I do like tigers, waterlilies, trees (sort of) and on good days, my dog.

About the size of it.

But, as we all know, I am a snarky exception to everything. So if you love nature—why not try to get a job out in it?

CareerBuilder suggests archaeologist, for one, paying $75K. You need to be patient, like hot sun, and not expect to dig up the Ark of the Covenant.

Zookeepers are outside a lot, for around $33K a year. Tigers, people, tigers!

Geologist…how about that. Salary around $80K.

Fish and game warden—around $56K. Running around in truck or boat, outside a lot, negotiating with more animals than Billy the Exterminator.

Botanists are outside. Average salary $67K.

Park rangers—sound good? My brother was one—he says the most dangerous problem in parks is the people. Expect to be basically a cop.

Organic farmers make about $35K.

Or how about photographer? They let them go outside if they want. Average salary, $46K.

Well, looking at those salaries, I guess you have to appreciate fresh air. Do we still have that?

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