Thursday, August 18, 2011

You might give up 5 mins before success

Don’t give up. That is the message from Kathryn Stockett—author of THE HELP, which is a shiny new movie after being a popular book.

Stockett says in MORE Magazine that her manuscript was turned down 60 times before finding a taker.

I loved the audiobook—but I can see where the material is somewhat unfashionable—dealing with African-American maids in the South in the 1960s—as helped and befriended by a white woman.

But still, you have to be there…it works somehow.

Back to the not giving up part. Her husband says she never gives up.

Husband? A breadwinner? Gosh—those are so handy when you are throwing yourself against the wall of cold rejection, the one with the razor wire on top.

But if you don’t have one of those around the house, don’t give up anyway.

I hear the moviemakers slammed into that rejection wall, too. But there’s a movie.

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