Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Baby steps in renovation

Melissa Rayworth, Associated Press, writes that in this “fragile” economy (I would use a diff F-word), homeowners are making small fixes rather than gutting their kitchens and bathrooms.

I need a stove. Whose stove breaks? Mine did. The $300 fix of five yrs ago is inoperative—I am down to one burner. But I digress.

The idea, she says, is to do little things until you can reach the ultimate kitchen or bath? Ultimate? Four burners?

What projects are good if they are to be undone in a few years?

Target the biggest surfaces—make it look the most different. Paint old counter tops. Ever think of that one? You can get a kit that makes it look like granite.

Tackle the floors. Another big surface. Use grout stain—give it a face lift.

Add a tile back splash. You can even put on those little tiles in a mesh matrix yourself.

Try a faux finish—I have a sponged family room I like.

Do some under cabinet lighting—makes everything look different.

Phase in new appliances one at a time (stove, stove). You can also paint appliances.

Or update the cabinet and drawer pulls.

In the bathroom, take out the tired shower doors and get a curtain or vice-versa.

Replace the old mirror with one in a frame—make the frame of trim.

This is making the old “reno” warhorse in me neigh a little. I will lie down until he shuts up.

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