Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Calm down--it's only a job

CareerBuilder says you need to collect yourself before an interview. Maybe it’s been a while since you got that far, but don’t be nervous.

Remember, the interviewer wants you to be the one…They need to hire and move on. Also, the interviewer once sat where you are sitting.

You need to prepare ahead of time. Yes, beating a dead horse with a broken record. Role play with a friend. What are your best traits? Your worst? Why do you want to work there? Be sure you know what the company does—at very least.

Plan your day around the interview. Don’t rush.

While waiting, close your eyes and do some deep breathing (it may look like you are praying, though).

Listen and think before answering.

Have some questions of your own.

Send a paper thank you note. Maybe bring up something you forgot to mention—something good about you. There are plenty of good things about you. Remember that.

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