Monday, September 19, 2011

Can we talk about job qualifications?

The Arizona Republic posed a weird challenge in a recent editorial—workers need to be able to think, not just spit back information.

They said only 3 out of 10 applicants at one temp agency they knew of were placed in jobs. The others, the agency guy said, lacked marketable skills or were stubbornly seeking jobs that didn’t exist.

The job market has changed. Do we really realize that? I am not sure I always do.

In AZ, fewer residents under 50 hold an associate degree or higher. Is college always where you learn to do today’s work, though?

Here in AZ (which is weird but probably not that different than all other states), about 64% of HS grads enroll someplace after HS. Only 69% are ready for college English and 53% for math.

Yoops—only half can cut the math! No wonder those Indian and Chinese smarties are getting those special visas and eating our lunch.

Half of those in 4-yr colleges finish. Less than ¼ finish community college.

Clearly, in-house training specifically for the work will be required. But there is one other problem—today’s younger people think they rate more and some don’t even show up on time.

Wise up, people! We need to cowboy up here. This is education and facts, sure, but also character and motivation.

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