Friday, September 9, 2011

Ever work for a screamer?

I have. After those four-Gibson lunches, the big boss would fume. He would wander the office, cruising to do some bruisin’. People knew enough to shut their doors in the afternoon and bring up important stuff in the morning.

He would fire people, then forget, so they just come to work and no one would say anything.

Later, after he tried to drive under a semi- with the company Mercedes, he quit drinking. And now he has passed away. And I am still here! So there is that.

Anyhow, Anita Bruzzese of Gannett, says there are ways to deal with bullies at work (besides basically hiding).

She says as many as 70% of adults say they have been bullied at work. Most do not report it.

Bullying is not illegal unless it crosses into discrimination or harassment.

But it can cost the company in absenteeism, turnover and stress-related illnesses.

So companies provide anti-bullying training. In some cases, if the supervisor has taken the course and lets the bullying continue, that person may be liable.

Contact your HR department, the employee assistance program. Will the bully find out? Maybe, sure.

You could tell the bully to knock it off. You don’t need a long list of examples. Keep your dignity. Say: "When you talk to me like that, it makes me lose my train of thought."

If it’s gone that far, maybe the company can bring in a trainer—this way the bully isn’t singled out.

That might make him or her unpleasant, you know.

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