Friday, September 2, 2011

Glory grabbers

By glory—I mean taking credit for things at work.

Don’t you have it when someone grabs the glory—and you did the work?

Anita Bruzzese, Gannett, tackles this common workplace situation. Basically, she says, you can be 2 or 52 and getting reamed will bug you.

The bad economy merely makes this worse—people are vying for top dog.

If someone aces you out, try to figure out what they did that you didn’t. And I don’t mean a casting couch type of deal.

Try to play the bigger game next time—the way they did.

Try to get some control.

This, of course, does not mean appropriating credit YOU did not earn from someone else.

But the envy and jealousy—those gnaw away at you.

I try so hard not to compare…and to learn rather than burn.

Sometimes I even succeed.

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