Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Home office for the kids

In the August Costco Connection, I wrote a story on how teens can benefit from an organized home office.

My source was Bobbi DePorter, president of the Quantum Learning Network, and co-founder of SuperCamp ( She educates kids! Remember when kids got educated?

School is kids’ work—she points out. Giving a teen an office sends the message that this is serious and the teen’s efforts are valued.

Too often, parents want to keep an eye on the kids during homework—but letting them have a closed office is fine.

Cue the d├ęcor to the child’s learning style. If the kid is organized, have bulletin boards, drawers. If the child is more free-wheeling, have comfy chairs.

Feature a large paper calendar with all important school dates and deadlines noted.

It also doesn’t hurt to put up some affirmations—I BELIEVE IN MYSELF, EVERYTHING I DO DESERVES MY BEST EFFORT.

The kid may think these are corny as a field in Kansas, but the brain will take them in subconsciously.

As for music--lose the rap and get the teen to try some baroque, Bach, Handel...This stimulates the rhythm of the heart, DePorter says, making the listener relaxed and alert.

Get the kid involved in the design, furnishings, colors—people like what they help create.

The pix is from Pottery Barn Teen...Lots of ideas there.

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