Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lose the hootchy outfits

What is up with some of those gals at Fox? They look like they are wearing swimwear on the air. The tiny straps—the halters. Come on, ladies.

CareerBuilder reminds us that a poll showed recently that appearance is second only to communication skills as qualities most associated with professionalism.

The Center for Professional Excellence’s director cautions us that modesty is a virtue. No tight pants, camel toe, or boobs falling out.

Business casual means—BUSINESS CASUAL—not beach casual. Khakis, maybe a nice collared polo, an A-line skirt or cotton pants.

No flipflops or peeptoes. No tranny heels.

Mimic the boss’s style if you are in doubt.

Forget the vintage—they make think your ideas are old, too.

If you look at your outfit and wonder if it’s appropriate—it’s probably not.

Now--Hannah Storm--in that picture--does that top look "sports centery" to you?

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