Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Many hands make short work

Some gals in this area have teamed up to do renovations and repairs on their own homes.

Kara Morrison writes about this in the AZ Republic, Sept 17, 2011. One woman was trying to add some wainscoting but life kept getting in the way—and she apparently did not have a “testo” to nag into doing this.

That would be a testosterone-blessed mate born with a hammer in his hand (ouch).

Anyhow, she tagged up with a girlfriend to help her and they added four other women. Twice a year, they all go to each member's house and tackle the Honey-Do List.

Some tips:

Get can-do people. Skills are good, too.

Make sure they have some tools.

All should be within easy driving distance. The host provides the project, materials, and lunch.

Laughter is mandatory.

Six is the right number—fewer and nothing happens, more and everything turns into a hot mess.

They have turned a basement into a game room. Refinished furniture. Painted many rooms. Laid out a backyard wedding—and many other projects.

They laugh, they cry, they joke—and one joke, if it is a joke, is that once in, you can’t leave except in a perfectly built and upholstered coffin, courtesy of the group.

Luckily this hasn't been put to the test. Women are anxious to get in the group, but no one has opened up a slot yet.

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