Thursday, September 22, 2011

Offices are bad workplaces

Dean Newlund, president of Mission Facilitators International Inc, says a lot of quality work is done outside the office.

Offices are full of managers, gossip, noise, interruptions, jokes, delivery people, candy dishes, etc.

You need to think in terms of removing office roadblocks, Newlund says.

Cancel unnecessary meetings—use them to make decisions, not just exchange info.

Do the stuff you are trying to avoid, get it out of the way.

Check email only twice a day.

Post your calendar online—showing when you will take a drop-in.

Think in terms of managing your energy, not your time.

Have a one-to-one meeting—walk during it.

Try “No Talk Thursday Afternoons.”

And think about the prize—the long-term goal, not the little stuff.

Which reminds me…I saw a cute line:

"Don’t sweat the small stuff or pet the sweaty stuff.”

Off the subject? Me?

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