Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On that first interview

Eric Gembarowski, AZ Republic, Sept 25, 2011, says if you are fortunate enough to be called in, there are some aspects to keep in mind.

Yes—go to the company’s website, learn about them, all that good stuff. Don’t wear a strapless top or cargos, etc. Appear on time.

Gembarowski says it’s good to ask what the corporate culture is like, though. It shows an interest in fitting in, he says. I say you may be able to tell that from a few minutes in the waiting room and how the interviewer dresses.

As if the company promotes from within. He says this shows you are going to stay—I wonder if they might think you think the actual job is penny ante.

Ask if they offer training. Well, you would want to show you are bringing skills—not a blank slate.

AVOID presuming. You can ask about work hours—to assume you know it all may make you look cocky.

DO NOT badmouth previous interviewers or employers.

ALSO DO NOT ask about benefits. I once interviewed a woman who asked how long she would have to work before her first vacation.

Uh…sort of long…

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