Tuesday, September 6, 2011

One big family

I have always joked (I thought it was joking) that the US is becoming Water World without the water—a feral, underdeveloped mess.

Well, you know how in some so-called third-world countries, all the generations live together? That is starting here—or developing faster.

Supposedly, Asian and Hispanic immigrants are pushing the trend, but I think it’s the economy.

Multigenerational households are up 30% since 2000!

Most of this is in the burbs—in single-family homes, not tenements or farms.

The kids stay home or move back, the grandparents can’t afford assisted care or culturally would tend to be cared for at home—voila!

We have two gens here—not counting the four-leggers.

It’s not all bad—people can look after each other. Just so Mom doesn’t have to do it all.


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