Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Dean Newlund, president of Mission Facilitators International, says the different generations can work together, but it takes some dedication.

You’ve heard it—or maybe said it, Newlund explains. Gen X and Y have no work ethic…or boomers are slow to change.

He talks about a forum for both sides held recently in Arizona. Young and old(er) attended. They stated their desires—the younger wanted a job free from rigid rules. Hmmm, some boomers remembered wanting this at first…. But the older workers said the young one wanted leadership roles and bucks without proving themselves.

The young ones want the power of the boomers, the boomers want the tech savvy of the young ones.

The older ones have a strong work ethic, they take ownership of results, they see the big picture, and are OK with proven practices (meaning same old).

The younger ones want good training all along the way, they want to pursue their individual interests with a work-life mix, they want to contribute something meaningful immediately and they want a voice in the company.

Bottom line—Boomers need to listen and create opportunities for those coming up. The young ones need to contribute to the success of all.

Discuss these stereotypes.

People want work! Then, they want that work to have some meaning.

Right on, as we used to say.

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