Friday, October 7, 2011

Care and feeding of big egos

Business can get…um…competitive. It attracts the zero sum crowd—for someone to win, someone has to lose.

But some people are known for their enormous egos. You need to find that out. Ask around.

Also check out their office—their “ego wall” of grip and grin photos with the rich, famous, and connected.

If the person constantly bores in trying to convince you to see things their way—could be ego boy (or girl).

Doesn’t seem to listen? Ditto.

The key is to get the person talking. They probably like to—let them. Ask questions.

For your part, take a firm stand on what you have to offer.

With an egomaniac—in a negotiation—be especially firm on your opening gambit.

Also—make the last concession—a small one.

These tips come from Marty Latz, founder of the Latz Negotiation Institute. Food for thought.

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