Monday, October 3, 2011

A company called Rose?

Come on—be patriotic—start a company. Susan Gunelius writes about naming...also something I do.

There is a lot to it these days—website availability, connotations in all languages, trademarking.

I see dopey names all the time—clunky, laughable… Insperity was one I noticed the other day.

Others I like—for some reason, Big Lots (seems abundant and is a pun). Ameriprise—enterprise, a prize, America…I don’t know—it’s OK.

If you must dream up your own name and not hire a nice woman like me, Susan has some tips.

Be descriptive is one approach—Internet Explorer.

Be suggestive—Mustang…wild, free, fast.

Add a prefix or suffix—iPhone.

Slap two words together—PhotoShop, TurboTax.

Make up a word—Doritos.

Change a spelling. Trix, Kix.

Tweak and blend…NyQuil.

How about a person’s name—Clark bar.

Use a verb—Bounce.

Or your name may become a verb—Google. I even saw the expression, "Bing it" this morning.

Bing--nah, don't like it.

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