Monday, October 17, 2011

"Financial terror"

Joey Faucette, author of Work Positive in a Negative World, says many business owners are awake at 3 AM worrying about cash flow, lost customers, profit margins and will their family be able to make it.

Not just business owners.

Faucette says there are three things to remember.

First, until now (or I would say the last 3-5 years), you have kept the doors open.

Second, business walked through the door before—and it will again—at the right time.

There is some business out there, however much the models have changed.

Yeah—hold those thoughts. Try each day. DO NOT GIVE UP.

Now—if we could just figure out how not to doubledown on losing propositions. Or even knowing which avenues are losers.

Maybe just do what the old richie-riches, the robber barons, used to do—“Sit the silence.” Sort of like a mediation for rich people or those who need money. Clear your mind and see what drops in.

The old guys used to say ideas dropped in like mail through a slot.

Let's see...

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