Friday, October 14, 2011

Have a home biz? Are trade shows worth it?

Paul and Sarah Edwards, co-authors of Home-Based Business for Dummies, wrote in the Costco Connection (Oct 2011) about the value of trade shows.

Trade shows bring buyers, sellers, and the media together. That can be good.

You may get more leads in a day than in a month at home.

But attendance at these has slipped—probably due to the internet and the bad economy. Some shows are going virtual (online).

Are Facebook stores, Google Adwords etc really a substitute? It depends.

Will you see suppliers and customers you would not see online?

Look at past exhibitors—will the people you want to see be there?

Do you have a good exhibit? This is an art—and a cost.

If you are selling from your booth—make sure you can accept credit cards there.

And—of course—follow up! Send a note from your booth even—in a slow moment. Hope there are not too many slow moments.

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