Thursday, October 27, 2011

Huge resume no-nos

Comedy relief time—at least I HOPE my readers would never do any of these.

Recently some managers were polled and told CareerBuilder about some stupid things they saw on resumes.

One man said the more he was paid, the harder he worked.

Another said he wanted a chance to show off his new tie.

A dog was listed as a reference.

Moonwalking was listed as a special skill.

Another said she had versatile toes.

Some used an email address with “ShakeMyBooty” in it.

Someone else asked for money to interview—because his time was valuable.

One manager got a resume in a box with a lemon and the statement that “I am not a lemon.”

And…someone noted that he had assaulted his previous boss.

Noooo, people…noooo….don’t make me stop this car.

Of course, I did once hire someone because she said in the interview that she had once had lunch with Mick Jagger…but that was the INTERVIEW. Very different.

@@@@ (eyeroll symbol—like it?)

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