Monday, October 10, 2011

Keep the pilot light on

Jonathan Ingram writes about following up on an interview (AZ Republic, Oct 9, 2011).

The key is to stay in the interviewer’s mind—but not as a stalker.

First, send a thank you note—a paper one, maybe, if the company is more old school. If the job was web designer, email may be OK.

Stress how appreciate you were of their time and how happy you were to meet them. Express interest in the job—again. And maybe add that afterward you thought of that award you had won—so you thought you would mention it…something unusual.

Be patient. I cannot tell you how often I tell myself and my friends—they are not on the same timetable as you! They get a check every two weeks—they are not foaming to get this done!

In the interview, you should try to get some timetable—So where do we go from here? What is the next step. How many people are you talking to, if I may ask? Try to get some info.

And never bombard with emails or calls—never let them see you sweat. Always sweat privately is my motto.

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