Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Speak up!

They say people would rather eat spiders than speak in front of an audience.

But it can help your image and increase your visibility.

CareerBuilder says to start small, maybe with a little presentation at your kid’s school or something.

No one is perfect…If you um and ah some, forget it—look at the president. He does that all the time.

Try to practice with people you trust.

Leave time for followup questions.

Remember, you don’t have to be the biggest expert in the world on a subject to pull together some useful background or tips on it.

Give yourself time—speakers make themselves over time…not right from the jump.

Look into Toastmasters—or your local Chamber of Commerce. You have something to share—just find it and share it.

I used to speak about the New Economy—how giving away hardware made money for the dotcoms…then…awwww….dotcoms go boom. Then whole economy go boom.

Well, as I said, no one is perfect.

Now I am wanting to speak on the dangers of concussion. Want me?

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