Monday, November 21, 2011

Are you a brand?

This is the new buzz—become your own brand. Whatever that really means.

I guess I am one with my daily sites, loud mouth, and of course, world class skills (heh). But the other day, I got a email from some twit implying I should not sell anything, that I was a hustler who would sell my used underwear.

So…being a brand can have a dark side. Make that a funny side.

Stephanie Snyder recently wrote about branding yourself, AZ Republic, Nov 20, 2011.

Your brand is all your strengths.

They said branding means you will be sought out instead of seeking others.

First, evaluate all your experiences. Decide which areas you liked and want to be an expert in.

Create a website showing that.

Then flog yourself as that brand on all the social sites.

But….be careful. Overpromoting can be tiresome. Don’t imitate others. And don’t change brands all the time.

Would an underwear site do anything for me? Probably not.

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