Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Are you a decent conversationalist?

I thought—I am not telling anyone how to have a conversation! Then I realized I know people who aren’t great at it.

In a job or networking context, being clunky, vague, irrelevant or irritating can hurt you.

Dean Newlund, president of Mission Facilitators International, thought it was important.

Conversations run marriages, friendships, teams, companies—everything—Newlund notes.

Try this—evaluate your next conversation. Determine the other person’s style.

Is the person analytical? Does he or she talk slowly—work on getting the facts right? With analytical, you need to reassure them that they have the facts.

The Driver is fast-paced and results oriented. They like to move things along and not listen. Spell out how you will get results.

Expressives like the big picture, dislike a lot of detail. Use words like “gut” and “intuition” with them.

Amiables are slow-paced, build relationships, share their personal life. Be informal with them.

This goes for giving a speech, too—if your audience is analytical, don’t wax on and tell personal stories.

All this is called “mirroring.” I guess it is important.

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