Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Future of work

Bob Nelson wrote in the October 2011 Costco Connection about the factors shaping work in the future.

You remember work.

Recently, we honored five young entrepreneurs here in Chandler AZ—four had cos that marketed things and did not make them.

I think one trend will be that the US is sliding away from manufacturing.

Nelson says also there will be a shortage of skilled workers. This means specific training for specific jobs.

The Millennials will be taking over—they were born after 1980 and before 2000. This crowd thinks differently and is motive differently. They don’t want to pay dues. They want to sort of scramble over a lattice of interesting jobs—not climb a career ladder.

Temps will be a huge factor. By temp, I mean people like me, who bring a lot to the table in terms of equipment and experience, but don’t have to be paid for all of it.

Many more people will work online rather than in an office.

And of course—we will be part of a worldwide labor force. This means competing with highly educated Indians and others and also with people working happily for $10 a day.

Oh—and the economy here is not going to snap back to what it was.

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