Thursday, November 3, 2011

Holiday gifts--keep it local

Vicki Mueller Roudonis had a neat idea going around the internet. Instead of Chinese cheapies (Dollar Store, etc), make sure your gifts help local people.

I do this—I get so much off eBay, over-the-counter meds, jewelry, clothes. This helps small entrepreneurs with eBay businesses (although some big cos sell on there, too).

Vicki had some great ideas. First, how about a gift certificate for a haircut or massage. Local!

Pay to get someone’s car detailed or oil changed--it won’t get sent to Taiwan.

How about 6 hours from a local handyman for the Honey-Do List.

Owner-run restaurants near you—do they give certificates.

A computer tuneup?

A hand-knitted scarf? Check Craigs to see if anyone is offering. also has American-made stuff.

Avon—she is nearby.

Or maybe a pet for adoption—pay for the spaying or neutering and first shots. (Ask first on animals.)


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