Friday, November 11, 2011

How's your self-confidence?

I was moping around earlier about how every decision I ever made—a mate, a kid, a place of residence, this, that, certainly a profession (now dying)--has been clobbered by unexpected consequences and made me afraid to take even a baby step.

Then I read a story by Elizabeth Newell in Government Executive, Nov 2011, about how self-confident people tend to make better leaders.

This assumes you want to be a leader.

But say you do…

Timothy Bednarz, author of Great! What Makes Leaders Great: What They Did, How They Did It, and What You Can Learn from It (not a great title, in my humble, but whatever), says you need self-belief more than just surface bravado. This means knowing you can do whatever realistic thing you set your mind to.

You need a strong sense of optimism (oops for me).

And you have to be able to overcome the failure that comes from taking risks. Yes! This is the problem.

Most leaders fail a lot! But their self-belief brings them through.

Thomas Edison once said, “What do you mean I don’t know anything—I know 5,000 things that don’t work.”

Okey-dokey, Tom. Settle down.

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