Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quick--do something wacky

The clicks on Monster, the endless emailing, the calling…how about trying something offbeat?

I had an idea for my kid. I said go to Vistaprint.com, design a colorful business card with your number and some line about you—such as Part-time Assistant or Fill-In Available—and hand them out all around the small businesses.

People, I told her, don’t like to throw away a card. They may hold on to it and call you and you can get a day’s work if the owner has to go someplace or someone does not show.

She was not impressed.

Still, we have to try different approaches.

How about going to a nearby office building and trying to leave a resume at every office. It’s not the job or if there is a job—it’s the building.

Think out of the box…

Oh, that stupid box. I am sick of it.

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