Friday, November 4, 2011

Skyping it

Jahna Berry, AZ Republic, Nov 4, 2011, says more employers are using Skype and video conferencing to tag up with prospects.

This may not replace the in-person interview, but it would be the “phone” interview on steroids.

According to this piece, University of AZ’s medical school uses this for out of state candidates. Intel, too—recording the exchanges to be pecked over later.

There can be glitches, of course—in one instance, five people interviewed the person and only three of them fit on the screen.

How can you prepared to ace this.

First, figure out what Skype is. Then tell me.

Test the equipment. Avoid rooms with an echo.

Dress nicely. Avoid weird patterns.

Make sure the room is quiet and the dog is someplace else.

Look right into the camera.

You could even rehearse with a friend who has the setup.

Relax—you’re home, you’re safe. And so smart! No gas!

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