Friday, November 18, 2011

Teaching "get up and go"

Judy Cresanta is a spokesperson for New Vistas Center for Education in our burg, Chandler AZ.

She wrote in the Arizona Republic on Nov 11, 2011, about the Handy Helpers Fair held here—like a job fair for youngsters.

It sounded sort of like Career Day with adults spieling about their professions. To preschool and kindergartners.

Hold the phone—preschool?

Anyhow—an aerospace engineer at Boeing taught the 3-yr-olds to read words like helicopter and airplane.

A karate instructor taught them how to deal with conflict.

A Kia dealer brought toy cars. Two firemen came. A Zumba instructor. A nurse.

This sounds like fun to me! Why not?

Some schools for older kids even set up banks. Do they still have Junior Achievement? I remember that.

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