Tuesday, November 29, 2011

When you set off for OWS

I am not a fan of these grungy latter-day agitators—but they may have a point on some gross over indulgences from our friends the richie riches.

Molly Jong-Fast, The Fear of Flying gal’s kid, is even shocked by the fripperies of her Upper East Side neighbors.

She knew of one woman who sued a fancy preschool because they would not take her son in addition to her daughter—thus, according to the lawyers, ruining his life.

Apparently Mayor Rudy cleaned up NY so much now they don’t worry about muggers and can concentrate on after-school activities, intelligence testing (one group charges $450 an hr to help tots get into preschool), and multi-thousand dollar parties with customized gifts for each child.

And you know the pampered little darlings will end up dancing on bars or trying drugs—just like everyone before them.

I also read a story in the NYT (where else) about how New Yorkers have everything so they can’t find things to buy each other for gifts. One store sold salt—salt from every corner of the world.

Hey- at least the person who worked there got a job out of it. I try to think of these people as job creators.

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