Monday, November 7, 2011

Will you ever work again?

Five and a half million boomers 50 and over are looking for a job—or a couple of jobs.

Some people retired and then found their money would not last. Others were laid off in The Troubles here and now can’t get back on.

Often older people don’t have the skills. Insufficient piercings might also be a problem.

Often the hiring people don’t believe you really want to work—gee, this is half of what you made, how can you take it?

Howard Stone, author of Too Young to Retire, says form a job club. Brainstorm with others in the same boat.

You can do mock interviews, check each other’s resumes. Even take courses at a local community college.

Or hire a tutor at one house to help you brush up on computer skills—split the cost.

These ideas came from William Arnold, who writes the Strategic Aging column in the Chandler Republic, a tabloid within the Arizona Republic.

Speaking of boomers—I hate this riff about how boomers are selfish, never contributed, are takers not givers. Yeah? Well, we raised you younger people and kept food on the table.

Some of us are still doing that for you.

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