Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bring your A Game

Anita Bruzzese, CareerBuilder, says recent grads may be better at a computer than face to face.

But what about idle chitchat, charm, that stuff?

Many younger people also don’t read body language well or notice when someone is no longer listening. They may cross their arms defensively or eyeroll.

Dianna Booher, author of Creating Personal Presence: Look, Talk, Think, and Act Like a Leader, advises women to wear makeup. A study says women with makeup on are judged as more inteligent and get more job offers.

Dress correctly—wear clothes that fit and don’t strain, don’t show off “the girls,” try to look taller. Taller people tend to get more action in the job world.

Comb you hair, no dandruff, no missing buttons—this gets noticed.

Cover your tattoos—this one is from me—and trust me on this.

Use short, direct words, speak with confidence.

And have some talking points in mind. Don’t ramble on.

Also—don’t ask about money and benefits right away. But do ask questions.

Above all—smile! You youngsters are pretty grim at times.

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