Friday, December 2, 2011

Considering a career change?

I used to run an employment group and we told people they would have seven careers over a lifetime—not just seven jobs.

Now to make ends meet, you need all seven at once. We call them “revenue streams.” This has resulted in not knowing what the heck you are doing anymore.

I have a friend who decided to quit the grant business and teach English abroad. Ooops—they wanted younger people.

How about those cruises—give a lecture. Turns out you pay them.


CareeerBuilder says this takes a lot of research and networking.

You need to really hone down your edge—what can you uniquely offer that makes it worth taking a chance on you.

Be willing to move or travel.

Let your passion show in interviews.

Plan, implement ideas, maybe start a website of your new ideas…think!

Why not go to and design a business card with your new career on it...Get in the mood.

Hey--lots of military people returning home--how can you help them find jobs...


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