Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Elegant, reasonable and fun

OK, you’re out of work, feeling crappy…why not start a Supper Club? This takes eight or 10 people you like who are willing to host, cook, and entertain on a revolving basis—and everyone chips in.

Debri Shawcross wrote about this in the December Costco Connection.

First do a schedule and stick to it.

Share in the preparation—be organized…who brings the main dish, who brings dessert and so on. Usually the host makes the entrée.

You can “eat” the cost or add up everything and have people chip in.

Introduce new ideas, keep it fresh. Have a theme. Have an ethnic night. Maybe even tailgate.

Sure, money is an issue right now—but you don’t have to take fun completely off the table.

I used to know some people who had a long-standing group called The Fressers--which is Yiddish for sort of rude gobbling. They had a blast!

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