Monday, December 26, 2011

Learn to be poor

Come on, we are Americans! The half of us who are have-nots can do a better job of this. I know people who have lost their homes, moved in with relatives, have 2-3 crappy jobs instead of a good one or who have no job…and they still shop in department stores and have a big screen TV.

You need to learn to be poor.

Shop the thrifts.

Have coffee left in the pot by noon—make less in the morning. Coffee is expensive these days!

Coupons—don’t toss them. Day old bread is fine—try it. Canned pasta sauce is better than jarred.

The store brands are made by the big brand companies—be not afraid.

Cheap meat—add crockpot and sliced onion—yum.

Freecycle, ebay, Craigs—get with it! Even sell some stuff.

Cancel those stupid movie channels on cable--Scoobie Do? Seriously? This is always on there! For a family treat--get a Red Box for a buck twenty-seven. As for HBO and Showtime--$140 a year for maybe one show you like?

Want to know a secret--every so often those channels give a free weekend and you can record a bunch of stuff.

Check the back of the closet—it’s like a store in there.

Cut deals—barter—dicker.

Get your medical care from medical and dental schools, your haircuts and nails from beauty schools.

Got more ideas—comment!


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