Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Should you get into office politics?

I say—yes! People who are “above” this, I found when I had an office job, lose out.

Caity Currey, AZ Republic, Dec 25, 2011, digs into this. She agrees—if you want to get ahead, you need to keep up.

Office politics—she says—help you understand how to fit in. It nurtures relationships.


If you are new, sit back, be accessible, pleasant. Be a team player.

Look for things you have in common with coworkers.

If the politics seem to be turning against you—try to solve a problem…This endears.

Find yourself left out of emails, meetings, lunches, layoff rumors, etc.

You are failing Office Politics 101.

Ask yourself—did you offend someone, were you snooty, did you turn down invitations, did you screw up, do you always leave early and never go for Happy Hour…what…what?

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