Friday, December 16, 2011

Time to fluff the office?

I am not big on resolutions. I don’t even make them. But this office needs a once-over.

Maybe a grenade.

Rosie Romero (a guy, if you care) wrote in the Arizona Republic Sept 24, 2011, that some home offices get kinda embarrassing.

He says to take EVERYTHING out and only put back what you need.

Drastic. I need a nap thinking of it.

Maybe you do need to clear space a little. Add another surge protector. Bundle up your cables. What? Lose the spaghetti? No way! He also advises having a safety expert check your electrical. Getting right on that one.

He also says carpet to cut noise. I had my carpets taken up when we had a house fire five years ago. Some of the floors are painted but the office is still raw cement with glue marks. What? You don’t find this loft-like?

Rosie also advises “hiding stuff.” Genius!

Aw—he means well. I may even toss some more files…

And NO—that picture is not my office. But I can dream.

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