Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ain't kool, yo

I don’t mean to be more snarky than usual, but if hicky English does not bother you, you may speak it.

I think it does flag you with some HR people. I know it does, in fact.

When I moved to Arizona 16 years ago, I moved from a black English place to a rural English place.

Both grate on me, pardon me all to pieces.

“Where he at?” “Where’s it at?” HATE!’

“She don’t…” TEETH GRINDING. “She don’t never…” SCREAM.

“Ain’t”…ain’t my favorite.

We don’t have a king here—but we could speak his English sometimes.

If you want to sound like someone from the road company of COPS in your next interview, OK. Personal decision.

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