Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Choosing retirement property

Some people are choosing retirement property because they lost their big house. Or they have to keep working anyhow.

But say you do want to do what they used to call retirement—voluntarily leave a job and putter around or travel.

The first thing people think of is to move. Ellen James Martin, AZ Republic, Jan 8, 2012, says that’s OK, but put some thought into it.

First, how close to the airport are you. I would never think of that, but she says it’s important. International air access means more resale value—hmmm—because foreigners will soon be the only ones who can buy houses?

Also think about energy resources, she says. Some parts of the US may soon be rationing these.

Does an area suit your hobbies or interests?

You may need a life coach. This person can help ideas “bubble up.” This was according to one expert.

Know your budget and resources. If you and your spouse are 60, one can expect to live to 90.

Take a long vacation in your target area. Check out transportation, health care.

And—and this is me now—be sure you are resilient, adaptable, make new friends easily. This can be a huge issue in moving—even to a new neighborhood, much less another state or country.

Trust me on that one.

By the way, ever watch House Hunters International on HGTV? Those folks swanning around Colombia or Belize buying jungly villas? How likely is that?

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