Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Criminals stink!

A relation of mine got her debit number appropriated recently--$300 out of her acct plus time and strain to redo her finances and get the money back, a new card—and she HAS that Lifelock deal.

My phone bill had a notice in it this month about cramming—companies who somehow horn into your phone life and put on charges—you are supposed to know what all those dopey phone charges are—do any look “suspicious?”

Yes—all of them!

Another acquaintance, an older gal, got an early morning call supposedly from her grandson in jail in Mexico City--she almost took an advance on her Visa to spring him until someone said, you know, he's probably not in Mexico...

Every time you open your email someone is perfectly at ease with trying to rob you. Well, just give me your money…why not, be a sport.

I guess such people have always been with us…in fact, I know they have…but come on. Don’t you ever feel besieged?

Go away, weird Russian misfit in your basement trying to get my identifiers, fake Nigerian generals and their sobbing widows, bogus IRS men, big ole crammers…

When you put it that way, it sounds funny. But honestly, it sort of isn’t.

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