Monday, January 9, 2012

Fluffing up your resume can be risky

Anthony Pomposelli, AZ Republic, Jan 8, 2012, says HR people advise you not to stretch the truth on your resume.

Mainly—this is because they can tell.

Word also travels fast about someone who has gold-plated.

Also many companies now do background checks.

Even if you get the job, if you don’t perform as your stated experience said you would, they may check further.,

Also, if they find out you lied, even if you CAN do the job, you may get the boot.

Try to use strong keywords peculiar to the industry—rather than stressing your titles. If you do change your title—do it only because the one you had was only used within that company, such as Morale Manager.

Never extend employment dates to cover gaps—this is ferreted out fast.

Don’t claim a degree or certificate if you only did part of the work—explain you signed up but have not yet finished.

My rule—if you feel queasy, don’t do it.

Let your stomach be your guide.

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