Monday, January 30, 2012

Foreclosures could bite you

Ellen James Martin, AZ Republic, Jan 29, 2012, says all those foreclosures around may not be the greatest move for you.

If a house looks bad walking up—it may be bad inside, too.

Be VERY cautious if the house has been empty for more than a few weeks or the utilities cut off for months.

Without heating, cooling, and water, houses decline fast.

Just remember—those prices are low for a reason. Try to get the backstory.

Often they have not been kept up or even have been deliberately damaged—such as removing copper piping, which out here anyhow, brings a pretty penny.

Be sure to get a good home inspection. Try to be present as it takes place. Get a written report, even if that costs.

Don’t assume you can make the repairs yourself—unless you know how.

Worst words every spoken—How hard could it be?

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