Friday, January 27, 2012

Judging versus hating

I think Hemingway said, “I have been rich and I have been poor, and rich is better.” Or was it the Gatsby guy?

Well, our modern day philosopher Alan on Two and a Half Men was told that money can’t buy happiness and he said, “I have never had either, so I wouldn’t know.”

I usually stay out of politics on this site—but Warren Buffett’s so-called secretary is “coping” darn well at more than $200K in salary. So—lady—in your dowdy duds sitting there…

This is not a zero sum game—despite what our amusing leaders want us to think. If someone gets richer, this does not make me poorer.

So I don’t hate rich people and you can’t make me.

Now, judging how they spend their money—well, that is just fun. At least they spend it, however weirdly or foolishly—and this creates jobs…so I shine it on.

But it is amazing.

Ever watch SELLING NEW YORK on HGTV? Well, try it sometime for laughs.

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