Monday, January 2, 2012

Saving money--month after month

Cutting spending. It’s not just for Congress anymore. AZ Republic reporter Sue Doerfler writes about some hints for doing it this year.

JANUARY—Vacuum the condenser coils on the back of the fridge. Change filters in heating and a/c.

FEBRUARY has five Tuesdays—look for Tuesday savings deals. Repaint outdoor furniture.

MARCH--Garage sale! Having a St Pat’s party—check the dollar store for decorations.

APRIL—Take winter clothes you did not wear to the consignment store. These people can be snooty, though—and reject you.

MAY—Time to weatherstrip. Keep drapes closed during the day—that Mr Sol is getting serious.

JUNE--Ceiling fans! Ooops—school is out, time to find cheap entertainment.

JULY—Going on vacay? Unplug toaster, coffeemaker, and TV. Keep thermostat at 90 unless there is stuff in your house that needs to be cooler.

AUGUST—Those air filters again! Every month! Lower the temp on your water heater a few degrees in summer.

OCTOBER—Five Tuesdays—look for bargains. Also, for H’ween, Dollar store.

NOVEMBER—Clean closets—store summer stuff. Anything you didn’t wear—try the mean girl at the consignment shop again. Probably just hormones.

DECEMBER—Remove shade screens and clean them. Open drapes in day, close at night. For Christmas lights—LED is cheaper.

Just be mindful—shave here and there.

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