Friday, January 20, 2012

Better Business Bureau--no longer better

They have the name recognition—it’s just that their mission of reporting on skeevos has subtly changed to not giving skeevos any trouble whatsoever.

I have noticed it personally—looking up companies over the years, oh, an A rating…and they were idiots…or a company with 80 complaints—still an A rating.

Wait a hot one…

First, the BBB is not a govt agency—in fact, it can be a local paying franchise paying execs buckets.

Many state attys general fight this all the time.

At least one member of Congress alleges they punish businesses they don’t like with bad ratings.

They also give good ratings to those who are “members”—according to some. (And report on companies when people complain—even if they are not members…)

All I can believe is my eyes—I have not found them at all helpful.

Went the way of Kodak and Hostess—artifacts of the past, I guess. Like me.

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